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frequently asked

2 x Single day meal plans means 2 full days worth of eating per fortnight.

You can alternate between the two options however you like. For example, you can do option 1 for 3 days and then option 2 for 3 days and repeat until your check in.

Yes, we have once off programs available

Your first plans will be available within 2 business days of signing up and filling out the initial questionnaire .

We currently don’t have a sample meal plan on our website as every meal plan is different and tailored to you and your preferences, however, if you head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages we have many examples of days on a plate

We currently do not offer any trials at the moment, however, we do provide a once off plan at the cost listed in our once off program options. More information can be found in the once off plan section on the website.

All of our coaching services have an 8 week minimum commitment.

They also have unlimited email support and fortnightly check-ins.

The nutrition and premium services both include 1 nutrition plan per week.

The premium service also includes a training plan.

Our macros and training service includes a weekly training plan and fortnightly calorie and macro targets, no meal plans are included with this option.

Yes we can do couple meal plans!

Please sign up and let us know who you are partnered with.

We can make the meal plans similar so that it is easier for groceries and meal prep.

The meals and portion sizes are different due to different energy requirements and goals.

We aim for our clients to lose an average of 0.5kg to 1kg per week.

However each individual is different so this can affect the rate of your weight loss journey.

No, you do not need to exercise to lose weight. We have had many successful clients join our nutrition coaching service only, however, exercise does help contribute to weight loss and wellbeing.

The cost of your groceries depends on your goals and energy requirements, we try to make the meal plans as budget friendly as possible to cater for your lifestyle.

As you continue your membership with EBT, you will get more meal plans when you check in.

We do have an option in the check in to add an extra meal plan for that fortnight for a fee.

You can also purchase one of our EBT Ebooks for more options.

Yes, you can have sugar free soft drinks in moderation to help with sugar cravings and adherence.

Tea, black coffee and sugar free cordial is fine to have as well as water of course.

When you sign up and create an account on the website, you fill our elaborate questionnaire that covers all areas of nutrition and lifestyle.

We make the plans based on the answers to the questionnaire and your energy requirements and goals.

Yes, we cater to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our EBT dietitians will work closely with you.

Yes, our dietitians will work with you.

We have an option to add on an extra meal plan per fortnight, please enquire below.

There is also an option to add on an extra plan each check in for a fee.

Once you sign up, we send you an initial email that tells you your check in date.

On the day of your check in, a link will appear under the EBT logo on the app/website saying ‘Check in now.’

Click the link and it will take you to the check in form where you fill out our check in questions.

Yes, you must check in to receive your fortnightly plans and feedback.

When you check in, your name will appear on your check ins list to be updated.

Calories are reassessed every fortnight in your check in so it’s important to check in on time and be as honest as possible so that we can adjust when needed and if necessary.

The calories and macros are calculated based off your estimated TDEE and goals.

The estimated TDEE comes from your personal details and answers on our questionnaire.

All of our coaching services are an 8 week minimum commitment.

You must email to cancel with two weeks notice

Unfortunately you are not able to cancel before the 8 weeks are finished as it is an 8 week minimum commitment.

However, if you want to cancel before your first check in (before the first two weeks), we allow you to cancel with a once off cancellation fee equal to our once off coaching option.

We only take card payments that come out weekly, however, if you would like to pay fortnightly or monthly we can organise this, please email and we can assist with this.

The better adherence you have to your plans the greater your results will be.

We take an evidence based approach to training and nutrition.

Giving you the greatest chances of success.

It is important to understand that results take time and your expectations need to be realistic. We educate you on this throughout our coaching process.

You can put membership on hold after  your initial 8 weeks.

Our operating hours are from Monday to Friday so any sign ups on a Friday afternoon or later will be completed on Monday.

This same applies to emails and late check-ins.